Lawn Treatment Cycle

This is an indication of a typical annual lawn treatment cycle.
  • Spring - 1st Treatment

    To give your lawn that much needed boost after the winter months a highly balanced granular fertilizer suited to low temperatures is applied which will improve colour and promote healthy growth.

    An application of moss or weed treatment will be applied depending upon what we assess to be required.

  • Summer - 2nd Treatment

    A Nitrogen rich no-scorch fertilizer is used at this time of year to retain the lawns deep rich green colour stimulating new growth and encouraging the lawn to thicken.

    A further weed treatment is applied if required.

  • Summer - 3rd Treatment

    The late Summer treatments consist of a no-scorch fertilizer, retaining the lawns deep thick richness.

    A further weed treatment is applied if required.

  • Autumn - 4th Treatment

    To ensure your lawn is best prepared for the winter elements, a high phosphate and potassium fertilizer is applied to help protect against diseases and to support strong root growth.

    A moss treatment is applied if required.

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